Foreclosure Defense Attorney Chicago

Foreclosure Defense Attorney Chicago

Economic troubles can be caused by many unusual situations, including the loss of a job, a divorce or unexpected health crisis. You can also get into financial trouble by using too many high interest credit cards or simply spending more than you make. Overpowering debts can have many objectionable consequences, such as creditor annoyance, lawsuits and the reclamation of your personal property. If you are a homeowner and can no longer pay your mortgage, you may even lose your home through foreclosure. Even if your financial condition is miserable, there can by several ways to thwart a foreclosure, including:

Consulting our attorney is the best way to find out about your foreclosure options. Our attorney can review your entire financial situation and give you valuable advice regarding your mortgage.

Foreclosure Defense Attorney (Chicago) knows how disconcerting it can be when you can no longer pay your bills and are facing a foreclosure. When we work with clients, we make sure they understand their rights, and provide personalized service when addressing their debt problems. If filing for bankruptcy is the best solution to your particular situation, we will manage every aspect of your case and help facilitate the entire process. We will work together and you will never have to worry about being passed around between attorneys, or be deferred to a paralegal or secretary.

We will advise you of your options and give you an accurate, honest assessment of your legal rights and the choices available to you. As a Dunbar Law’s Chicago foreclosure defense attorney, we have represented and advised numerous property owners facing foreclosure. We have negotiated, battled, litigated, and fought with every major bank, lender and loan servicer in the country. We have defended foreclosures against housewives, politicians, plumbers, dentists, doctors, and people from every walk of life

Our attorneys can provide you with valuable information about foreclosure, including the alternatives and ramifications of foreclosure, the foreclosure process, and how to fight foreclosure. When a person is notified of foreclosure, they will only have 20 days to respond. During these 20 days, it is advised that you, as a Chicago homeowner, seek the services of a foreclosure defense attorney to understand your homeowner's rights. Whether you have a subprime loan that is dragging you down or you are considering a strategic default, our law firm is ready to assist you and your family. We also provide invaluable legal help for individuals looking to avoid scams, and understanding any other options you may have.


If you are considering walking away from your mortgage, either because you can no longer afford to pay your mortgage payments or because it no longer makes financial sense for you to continue paying on a mortgage when you owe more than the property is worth, we will explain the benefits and risks to you. We will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your financial future.